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Welcome to the Gameboard! Here, you can find all the different games we play online and their instructions! These games are all original games made to enhance the imagination of the users in our room and is an awesome way to win super cool and rare prizes!  

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F A N T A S Y     Q U E S T    L E A D E R B O A R D






FANTASY QUEST        GIFTED GUESSES         MONKEY MISSION                            TREASURE HUNT           

Fantasy Quest

It's medieval times and your responsibility is to stay protected within the walls of thy castle...But rules were made to be broken and rumor has it there is a magical cavern that holds all the splendors a dreamer could dream! Sneaking past the guards in the castle is something a rebel like you is used to...but navigating the thick forests that lead to the guard-flocked village will be no easy task...Will you have the bravery and wit required to avoid peasant-like ailments, tattling guards and even...your own laziness? 


Tip 148 tokens minimum to begin the game.

A themed wheel will spin and will either give you:


-a prize,

-an advance in the game


-it will end the game.

If the wheel lands on a prize or advance, the game continues until your character dies or until you reach the final level.


(No tokens are needed after tip-in to continue playing UNLESS you face a death you can pay out of. (Ransoms or Bribes) All you have to do is tip in and if you would like an inventory spin, tip in 111 tokens before any wheel spin.)

Each level contains different prizes. The further the level, the more valuable the rewards!

In addition, you can choose to spin an inventory wheel for 111 tokens prior to each turn (wheel spin). It is highly recommended to spin the inventory wheel before your first turn! The inventory wheel is filled with in-game advantages that can help you advance further in the game.

The inventory you win on the inventory wheel can be used ONE time throughout the game. 

Though the minimum to play the game is 148 tokens, you can choose a character below and tip in the amount required to use the character! Each character has different powers and behaviors through-out the game!

Choose the one best suited for you.

Good luck on your quest you rebel, you...and may the wheel spin ever in your favor.


Here's an example of how a single game COULD play out if you tip in the minimum and also tip in for an inventory spin!.

-You tip in 148 to play...

-You also tip 111 for an inventory wheel.

-Your inventory wheel lands on an "Inspirational Fairy"!

-I spin your first wheel spin TURN...(This wheel is themed  specifically for the first level: CASTLE WHEEL)

-Your character "sneaks past a guard" and you win a Sexy flash which I fulfill on spot before your next spin.

(Since you have not lost the game yet, you receive your next wheel spin TURN.)

-You land on ADVANCE. Any time you land on ADVANCE you move on to the next level wheel which holds different prizes.

-You move on to the next level therefore I spin the second level wheel: FOREST WHEEL.)

-You land on "Give up and go home."

***This WOULD mark the game as being over, HOWEVER, because you have an Inspirational fairy in your inventory, you can use that particular item for this particular downfall which means you continue playing the game instead of losing. 

Because you used your inspirational fairy, you can no longer use that item again unless you spin the inventory wheel and earn it again. Even if you do not use an item from your inventory spin, your items will be discarded after your game ends


There are a total of 4 MAIN levels throughout the game and hidden levels you can find ONLY using certain characters.


To conquer the game, you must find the Dragon within the treasure cave and TAME IT by tipping in 1000 tokens. This will unlock the Dragon Wheel; the wheel which holds the most valuable prizes within the game and your name will be placed on the leader board! The person who survives the MOST turns AND tames the Dragon will be placed at the top of the leaderboard.

Gifted Guesses

Almost all of my stream layouts have a guessing game that looks something like this:

EXAMPLE 1 (Vertical):

EXAMPLE 2 (Horizontal):

Number 1

Number 5

****Anytime you see a group of stacked/rowed, characters/emblems, it's most likely our Gifted Guesses game! 

Though the emblems change to suit the theme of the layout we use OR the "World" / "Land" we're in, the concept will always stays the same. Tip 68 tokens to guess one of the emblems that are listed in a row. If I remove the emblem you guessed and a star or other reward symbol is underneath it, you win the Jackpot Prize! (Jackpot Prizes vary daily!) Usually there are anywhere from 5 to 9 emblems at a time. The emblem that represents #1 will either be on the top of a stack or the first one from the left. For Example:

Number 1

Number 9

EXAMPLE 3 (Hidden Star):

In this example, the star is hidden under

emblem #6 or Cookie #6. If the user were to

guess Cookie #6, the cookie would lift and reveal the Jackpot Star like so:

Topic of Doom

Monkey Mission

Treasure Hunt

Helping Hands

White elephant

3 box prizes

members pick a number 1-100 closest number wins first pick, second number picks second, third number picks last. 

members get to ask 1 question 

members can trade 1 time